Brian Evans
16-05-2016, 22:28
When I initially mailed you asking if you could possibly help me to find the cloth from which my suit was made. You researched your files and found the mill. I am astonished at the speed with which things progressed from an inquiry to the finished article. You handled everything with the minimal amount of fuss, Yet the maximum of efficiency. The end product resulted in a new pair of trousers making my suit viable again. I am truly grateful thank you. I have no hesitation in recommending Elite bespoke tailoring. It would in-fact be a pleasure. I look forward to doing business with you again. Regards Mr Evans (Brian)
Andy Roan
16-05-2016, 22:23
Hi Stuart/Alison,
So a fantastic holiday and would highly recommend a cruise.
As for the suit, well it was an absolute hit.
Everyone who saw it were exceedingly complimentary. Even the captain of the ship said it was stunning and if there would have been an award for the classiest dressed person I would have won it hands down.
Denis Alcock
21-12-2015, 20:10
I just wanted to say thank you for my fabulous jacket which is a perfect fit and just what I hoped for and also for getting it here in perfect timing for a posh night out.
Many thanks and best wishes.
Denis Alcock
11-11-2015, 20:13
Hi Alison & Stuart,

The breeks are absolutely superb. Real quality and beautifully made. I wanted to drop you both a line to thank you. Next a real toad of toad hall suit! See you soon for the fitting.

Very best wishes,

20-02-2015, 12:50
I have just received the completed suit. It is the most perfect fit in every single way! I am so happy with your work and your entire customer service throughout! I realise I probably wasn't the easiest of Customers.
I will be recommending your work to all of my friends and colleagues. Some of which who have already saw the boys waistcoats, have commented on how good they are.

Maria and I are both excited for the wedding and now will be getting married in true style thanks to Elite Bespoke Tailoring!
Thank You.
Jerry (Melbourne, Australia)
01-10-2014, 08:24
Dear Stuart,

The waistcoats arrived yesterday. Everything is perfect.
The tailoring is excellent and the fit is spot on. Both the Strathy and Berrow fabrics are striking.
Thank you for your advice on the lining and the excellent customer service.
We spent a lot of time on emails ensuring all was just right and it has paid off.
For a unique look and a bespoke experience, Stuart, you are first class and your service and work is excellent value for money.
I will certainly recommend you to others and be back for more.


Jerry (Melbourne, Australia)
Andy - Plymouth
29-05-2014, 11:28
The waistcoat arrived this morning. I'm really pleased with it, a superb piece of tailoring that more than lives up to my expectations.
My booksters episode was unfortunate, but without it I wouldn't have discovered your excellent tailoring. I hope your business will flourish and continue for many years to come.
Many thanks for your swift and skilful completion of my order.
I'll be back for more.
Steve Norris
27-05-2014, 14:57
Dear Stuart,

Here, at last, are the pictures I promised. I've not had time to get any further ones done so hope I'll not be condemned too harshly for my co-respondents, or the less-than-perfect photos generally.

Again, I'd happily recommend not just your supreme craftsmanship, without hesitation, but would also say that your customer service and dedication throughout the entire process is reassuring; though we did not meet face-to-face, I note our (very long) email exchange goes back nearly a year and reflects the relationship one would expect with their tailor. I'd challenge anyone to find such a combination with equally impressive value for money.

And you can quote me on that!

All the best,

Michelle Aland
20-05-2014, 18:51
Thank you! Your tweed was amazing!

16 miles in tweed and heels, we biked up Pall Mall and down Saville Row for the Tweed Run.
It was fun!
28-04-2014, 18:14
Fantastic news! The trousers arrived on time and are a superb fit. Excellent and thank you so much. You’ve helped me a lot and now my event will be complete thanks to your help and support through all of this. They are an excellent fit and length is superb. Thank you and will be looking forward to another purchase with you all.
Dr David LLoyd-Owen
28-04-2014, 18:13
I happily recommend Elite Trousers for trousers and waistcoats. A pattern was copied from a bespoke suit and made up and delivered within a week or so. The workmanship was good and more importantly the practical fit. It was suggested that the original waistcoat was a bit short and as a result, the trousers and waistcoat work very well together.
With my best regards,
A Underwood
28-04-2014, 18:11
I have been delighted by the personal attention and service of Elite. When badly let down by a clothing manufacturer who went into administration, Stuart and his team at Elite managed to source the same tweed fabric and make some trousers to complete a very incomplete 3 piece suit. I love the trousers and the attention to detail is second to none.I personally recommend Elite and I will be a returning customer. Quite simply, they are superb!